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Crime Boss: Rockay City

Crime Boss: Rockay City game modes introduced in new video

Here's what to expect from the star filled adventure when it launches next week.

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In just a few days, Crime Boss: Rockay City, developed by Ingame Studios and published by 505 Games, will be hitting the shelves. The latest trailer showcases the game's three main modes. Crime Time offers smaller heists that players can tackle solo or with bots for quick rewards, while more complex jobs can be posted as contracts.

The Baker's Battle campaign features Michael Madsen as Travis Baker, a ruthless character looking to conquer the underworld of Rockay City while evading the persistent Sheriff Norris (played by Chuck Norris himself!). Lastly, The Urban Legends mode offers six mini-campaigns that increase in difficulty as you progress through them.

Get ready for some classic 90s inspired action when Crime Boss: Rockay City releases on March 28 for PC, and later also for PlayStation and Xbox.


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