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Crea-ture Studios would "love to" have esports for Session

But it's all about getting the base game right first.

Session has been dubbed the 'spiritual successor' to Skate by many, and while the Kickstarter is still ongoing, we caught up with crea-ture Studios' Marc-Andre Houde about the game, asking in particular whether he believes the game could breed competitions and tournaments.

"We'd love to actually," he said. "For sure esport is something we've been talking a lot [about]. We felt that Session is kind of like making sense, and we had this cool idea or hope or vision that we could have some real-life events happening at the same time as virtual events in Session, like big competitions, and we'd love to have all this section of the game. We're not there yet, that's for sure, because I think we need to make sure that the game is really solid when we get to esports, because we cannot afford having these funky behaviours when you get off the ground or get off a grind and then the guy randomly falls. We need to have a way bigger level of cleanness in terms of production values, but yeah, this is something we'd love to add on later, that's for sure."

Would you like to see esports branch from a skateboarding game like this?


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