Total War: Warhammer III

Creative Assembly presents the next year of Total War: Warhammer III

Three major patches and DLCs will be coming within the next 12 months.

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Creative Assembly has revealed a roadmap for the next 12 months of Total War: Warhammer III. The map promises three DLCs and three major patches all before summer 2024, and even notes that this isn't where support will end for the game, as there will be "more coming in 2024 & beyond".

As for what the immediate future holds for the strategy game, we're told that first up will be Patch 3.1, which will add Chaos Dwarfs as an End Game Scenario in Immortal Empires, on top of bringing seven new units, a new Legendary Hero, and various performance and bug fixes.

Patch 4.0 will be up next in the summer, with this adding another Legendary Hero, Immortal Empires achievements, race updates, AI updates, settlement battle improvements, bug fixes, and more. This will also arrive alongside the Shadows of Change DLC, which will bring even more Legendary Lords, a Legendary Hero, new units, and a story centred around Tzeentch, Cathay, and Kislev.

Patch 5.0 is planned for the end of 2023, and will add yet another Legendary Hero, the Nemesis Crown artefact, race updates, more bug fixes, and will debut alongside the Thrones of Decay DLC that revolves around Nurgle, the Empire, and the Dwarfs.

Patch 6.0 is planned for spring 2024, and will expand three of the game's races further, add more Legendary Lords and Heroes, and bring even more performance improvements. An unannounced DLC will debut around this time period as well.

Each major patch will feature a smaller patch during its life cycle, which will tackle even more bugs and performance issues.

Which part of the roadmap excites you the most?

Total War: Warhammer III

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