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Cracks appearing in Fortnite ahead of its next season

It seems like an earthquake is about to hit the realm of Fortnite as cracks have appeared on the battlefield.

As reported by Dexerto, data miners have found some interesting files pointing to a massive earthquake coming for the Fortnite realm in the upcoming season. Set to go live on February 28, season 8 could be about to get hit hard on the Richter scale and, by the cracks spotted in both Tomato Temple and Lazy Links, the mined information seems to be legit.

A huge crack in the ground recently appeared in the southwestern parts of Tomato temple, measuring several meters long and, later, an even larger crack appeared between the temple and Lazy Links.

We've seen the sky fall down in an earlier season and now, we could be seeing the ground collapse.

Are you going to be benced for the potential collapse?


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