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Cowana Gaming is closing down

International crises have caused the esports organisation to shut its operations.

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The German esports organisation Cowana Gaming has announced that it will be shutting shop and closing down at the end of the year. As revealed in a new Twitter post, the team stated that the many international crises that have occurred over the years have meant that the team can no longer sustain itself.

"For the first 2 years of Cowana Gaming we have always tried to be one of the top places to go for players, staff and creators and we have succeeded.

"Unfortunately, we also felt the effects of the international crises and a large part of our business was no longer executable.

"The protracted nature of these circumstances has led us to decide to discontinue the trip at the end of the year."

The post continues by stating that any player, coach, or member or management at the team are now free to explore other opportunities, and that while all contracts will run until the end of the year, employees are free to leave early.

"We would like to apologise from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that you, our community, understand our decision and maybe we can make a clean cut."

Over its existence, Cowana Gaming has competed in competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege, and more.

Cowana Gaming is closing down

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