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Countdown to unveil Project Ambrosio on Sunday

Will Sam Barlow's new game be part of the Xbox Showcase, the PC Gaming Show, or the Square Enix Presents? The match is lit, and the wick is burning down.

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Shortly after Sam Barlow shared with Gamereactor Project Ambrosio and some clues about the game, it seems that Half Mermaid Productions is now ready to remove the veil from this new mystery adventure. If our speculation holds any credit, the game will definitely be presented on Sunday, the busiest day of all of E3 2021.

This was dropped by the studio and director on Twitter, who activated a countdown last Sunday that said simply "seven days", with the accompanying image showing a match lighting what seems to be a long wick.

Now, according to the E3 2021 calendar, on Sunday the 13th there are up to three important presentations planned, namely:

June 13 Events at E3 2021

  • 7:00 p.m. - Xbox & Bethesda Showcase
  • 21:15 - Square Enix Presents
  • 23:30 - PC Gaming Show

Certainly, the new game from Sam Barlow and company could enter any of these conferences. Has he partnered with Microsoft to release it as part of the 12 Minutes-style Xbox Game Pass? What if Square has found another partner for storytelling like it did with Dontnod? Or the most logical option, what if it is one of the great highlights of the program dedicated to PC games? Related or not, the fact is that Barlow is these days in Los Angeles, home of E3 when it is held physically, and not in Brooklyn (New York), where his studio is based.

What seems certain is that Project Ambrosio will receive an official title in a matter of days and, most likely, a launch window. The match seems to refer to a fire, perhaps from a filming set, as it is one of the game's settings. This title, set in the film industry in the years 1968, 1970, 1999 and 2022, seems to work with actors again, and very soon fans will be able to get much closer to its great mystery.


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