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League of Legends

Could the EU LCS be splitting into four leagues?

A new report seems to think this is the case.

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According to an ESPN report, League of Legends developer Riot Games is going to reformat the EU Championship Series (LCS) in the Summer Season of next year so that it includes four regions.

This report is allegedly based on sources close to the league, and claims that the four regions will be London, Paris, Berlin, and Barcelona, although event spaces (excluding Berlin) haven't been decided yet. The report expects these to be secured over the next few months, though.

Each of these leagues will apparently have six teams, with 24 overall in Europe as a result, and those taking part will have a license from Riot to compete, although the details on these haven't been nailed down. What this also means is that relegation isn't a possibility, much like the change that has already been revealed for the NA LCS.

In this format the top two teams for each league will then advance to another league running alongside the competitive seasons, while the third and fourth placed teams will take part in a play-in, with fifth and sixth placed teams participating in an open qualifier. The bigger league will have 16 eams in total and feature group stages and a double-elimination playoff bracket. Qualification for the 2018 Worlds will include the winner of this bigger league as well as Championship Points system too.

The sources also state that the 10 teams currently in the league can decide their home region in the next few months, and Riot is currently recruiting more teams for these domestic leagues, including hosting a number of football teams in Paris during the summer finals. PSG, Origen, and Red Bulls have already allegedly shown interest.

Just yesterday we reported that H2K was dissatisfied with the current format of the EU LCS and their partnership with Riot, so perhaps this may placate the somewhat. If these changes are true, do you approve?

League of Legends
Photo: Riot Games

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