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The Division 2

Could The Division 2 be getting its own Underground mode?

Dataminers have discovered what seems to be a mode similar to the original game's Underground mode.

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Underground Operations, the survival mode featuring randomly generated maps from The Division could be making a comeback with a new twist in The Division 2, dataminers have discovered. In a lengthy thread (which we do not suggest you read through if you don't want the seasons ahead potentially spoiled), Reddit user definitelyanalt16 wrote down finds from going through the source code of the game and among other things, he found audio logs from in-game NPC Kelso. In the audio clip, Kelso reportedly talks about a "Skyscraper" needing to be secured "floor by floor". Also mentioned are safe floors where players can save and load their progress in securing the skyscraper, which leads many to believe that the skyscraper could be a new survival mode which can be returned to after beating a set amount of floors.

The user also states that players "will have to ascend 100 floors" and that every tenth floor will be a safe floor up until floor 80. After that point, players would supposedly have to reach the top in one go.

The Division 2

Thanks, VG247

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