Spider-Man Remastered

Could Spider-Man Remastered be coming as a standalone release?

A PS Store page seems to suggest so.

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Before making an official announcement, Sony might have just revealed that Spider-Man Remastered is coming as a standalone release. A PlayStation Store page, as highlighted by Eurogamer, appears to show the game listed separately on PS5, instead of being packaged in with the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.

This, of course, should be taken with a huge pinch of sale, but we wouldn't say that it is unlikely, as similar things have happened in the past. As you might recall, the Uncharted games were only previously available on the PS4 within The Nathan Drake Collection, but they were later made available both physically and on the PS Store as standalone releases.

Would you be interested in purchasing Spider-Man Remastered separately?

Spider-Man Remastered

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