Could Crash Bandicoot be mounting a comeback?

We're grasping at straws here.

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A Reddit user unearthed some clues that could point to something as unlikely as a comeback for Crash Bandicoot (via IGN). First of all, it seems Activision has removed any mention of the former Sony mascot from the website and the official Crash website is also down. Secondly there is some highly suggestive clues that were planted in a Sony launch trailer for PS4 (via NeoGAF). Add them together and could it be that Sony have acquired the license?

Well, it could simply be a case of Activision putting the IP into cold storage, of course. And that does sound more likely, but it is a fact that the old Crash Bandicoot games for PSone have been doing good business on PSN so perhaps something is cooking.

Could Crash Bandicoot be mounting a comeback?

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