Could a new Duke Nukem game be on the way?

Online signs give some tantalising hints.

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Duke Nukem has given the internet some signs that he may rear his head again after a number of online clues have emerged.

First off, the official website gives not only an anniversary banner (Duke Nukem 3D was released in 1996) but also a "Coming Soon" hint with a countdown currently at seven days. The time it is meant to expire is 01:30am September 3 (UK time) (5:30pm PST on September 2), which coincides with the conclusion of the "Inside Gearbox" panel at PAX West.

Not only that but Duke Nukem's Facebook page is now showing sign's of life and a Twitter account has appeared as well.

What these all mean is anyone's guess. It could be a brand new game or it could be a Netflix series for all we know.

Could a new Duke Nukem game be on the way?

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