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Cotton Reboot

Cotton Reboot coming for PS4 and Switch this summer

June 25 is the exact date.

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If you like classic Japanese side scrolling action games, you might be familiar with Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, originally launched back in 1991. A new version called Cotton Reboot was released for PlayStation and Switch in Japan back in February, and now ININ Games has decided when it's our turn to try this one out.

It will launch on June 25 for both PlayStation 4 and Switch, and here's what to expect according to Nintendo Eshop:

• Play the brand-new HD Reboot mode or the fantastic retro X68000 mode
• Cute 'em Up action based on one of Japan's longest running game series
• Enjoy the awesome soundtrack either fully arranged or in its original home computer form
• Guide Cotton and her friend Silk in a highly approachable game! Easy to play, but difficult to master!
• Compete online for high scores

Cotton Reboot
Cotton RebootCotton Reboot
Cotton Reboot
Cotton RebootCotton Reboot

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