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Little Cities

Cosy VR city creator Little Cities will now be coming on May 12

The game is launching on a "quieter week" to allow it to have a bigger impact.

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The cosy virtual reality city creation game Little Cities will now be released on May 12, as the husband-and-wife developer-duo has, along with nDreams and Meta, decided that having the game launch on a quieter week will allow it to have a bigger impact.

Talking about the change to the release date, nDreams provided the following statement.

"Together with Meta, we have decided to move the release of our upcoming VR game, Little Cities, to May 12. We feel that launching in this quieter week will give Little Cities the best chance to make the biggest impact. These decisions are never easy, and we apologise to everyone who is eagerly awaiting our game.

This is purely a scheduling decision; Little Cities is 100% complete. We cannot wait for you to get your hands on Purple Yonder's charming, cozy city creator on May 12, and the husband-and-wife team is already hard at work on new, free post-launch updates. More info coming soon."

The game was intended to launch on April 21, but will now be coming to Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 at a slightly later date. Will you be playing Little Cities when it debuts?

Little Cities

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