The Wizards - Dark Times

Co-op multiplayer is coming to The Wizards - Dark Times

Carbon Studio is also working on a new Warhammer VR game.

Polish developer Carbon Studio has announced that it will be bringing cooperative multiplayer to its virtual reality title The Wizards - Dark Times. This will mark the first time a The Wizards game gets a co-op multiplayer mode, and will be available for PC VR at the beginning of Q4 2021.

"Ever since The Wizards appeared on the VR game scene, 'please make it multiplayer' was the most common request we received. Now I'm happy to say and confirm - we're doing it!" - says Carbon Studio's Co-Founder, Aleksander Caban in a press release. "The cooperation arena mode will let you choose your magical affinity and character class, and then pit your Wizard party against increasingly difficult challenges."

Several other updates are also planned for the game, including new enemies, an enhanced story campaign, and a new game mode. All of these are expected to arrive at various dates throughout 2021 and 2022, although right now, no exact date for anything has been provided.

An Oculus Quest port for the title is also in the works, meaning you will soon be able to play the adventure with a more accessible headset.

Carbon Studio is also working on a new VR title called Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Tempestfall that is set to launch later this year on PC VR, and on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets. We don't know all that much about this game currently, aside from knowing that this game will put players in the shoes of the lord Arcanum to fight the forces of Nighthaunts in Shyish.

The Wizards - Dark Times

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