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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Cooler is joining Dragon Ball FighterZ

Frieza's brother revealed in new trailer.

This weekend Bandai Namco released a new trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ, which showed off new playable characters Base Goku and Base Vegeta ahead of their impending arrival in the game.

There was, however, another surprise in store for fans, as the trailer also revealed that Cooler will also be coming to the fighting game.

Cooler is actually Frieza's brother, and he featured in his own movie, even if he never actually turned up in the series. Still, he's very popular among the Dragon Ball Z community.

Each extra character can be purchased individually, but you can get them all in the €35 / £25 season pass. With Cooler now revealed, only one of the eight season pass characters is yet to be announced.

Base Goku and Base Vegeta should be available to download from August 8.

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