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Control's soundtrack features Poets of the Fall

The long friendship between Finnish band Poets of the Fall and game developer Remedy Entertainment is still flourishing as the band joins the soundtrack of Control.

Remedy Entertainment and Finnish prog/rock band Poets of the Fall have been collaborating since 2003 when Poets of the Fall's 'Late Goodbye' played over the end credits of the cult classic noir action sequel Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. The song made such a strong impression on fans and the overall game that many recognise it as the game's official theme and since then, the band has both been featured on later games' soundtracks and even created original tracks for the 2010 psychological horror game Alan Wake.

Poets of the Fall was originally meant to be featured in Quantum Break as well, but unforeseen complications hit, making the collaboration impossible. Now, however, as we move closer and closer to the launch of Remedy's next game Control, it seems the band is back once again. In a short video on Twitter, Sam Lake, wearing Poets of the Fall merchandise, lets the fans know that Poets of the Fall song 'My Dark Disquiet' will be featured on the Control soundtrack as well as "something very special", which leads us to believe we'll be getting an original track or cameo this time around.

Are you a fan of Remedy Entertainment or Poets of the Fall?


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