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Control's AWE expansion to launch alongside free update

Control's second expansion AWE is still on schedule, despite the entire team working from home.

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Fans of Remedy as a studio have been waiting eagerly for the second expansion drop to hit its latest title Control, which will feature a cross-over to Remedy's horror title Alan Wake (it's not like it was ever a secret either, the Alan Wake logo image is in the AWE logo after all, and plenty of Alan Wake easter eggs and general mentions can be found in Control). Plenty of time has passed since its announcement and the release schedule only has AWE left on it, yet not much has been revealed - not even a release date has been set.

In a post over on Reddit, however, Remedy community manager Vida Starčević shared some information on what's to come. While we don't get much information on the expansion specifically, we do learn that the release window of 'Summer 2020' is still on track and that Remedy will release a free update alongside it. This update adds new boss checkpoints, moves control points closer to certain boss fights and more. The developer is also looking to rebalance some combat encounters and even has "stuff specific to the PC version" planned. More details will be shared at a later date.

For those of you who have missed it, The Foundation, which is already live on PC and PlayStation 4, will release on Xbox One on June 25.


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