Controller S is coming back in August

And it's very reasonably priced at $49.99.

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As you may recall, accessory manufacturer Hyperkin launched a new version of the cult classic controller The Duke a couple of years ago, which was much appreciated and a huge success. It was then followed by the Hyperkin Xenon, a new version of the Xbox 360 controller that also quickly became popular.

Therefore, it was not entirely surprising that Hyperkin back in January revealed that they would also launch a new version of Controller S, the successor to The Duke, which was initially intended for the Japanese market but became the standard controller for the first Xbox.

Now development seems to be complete and Hyperkin has announced that the DuchesS (as it is called) will be released on August 12 for $49.99. Small changes have been made such as adding Hall Effect analogue sticks, a Share button and the large Xbox logo in the middle is now clickable.

Check out the beauty below.

Controller S is coming back in August

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