Control: Ultimate Edition is out now on Google Stadia

Players on the platform will be to experience the game in glorious 4K.

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Google Stadia's library of titles has just grown stronger with the release of Control: Ultimate Edition. This port of the game has been handled by Leeds-based studio Red Kite Games and it is said to be capable of running in 4K resolution just like the PS5 and Xbox Series.

The Ultimate Edition of Control, if you are unaware, contains all of the award-winning game's expansion packs and additional game modes. It also comes with both an Enhanced Graphics Mode which runs at 4K 30fps and an Enhanced Performance Mode which runs at 1080p 60fps. You can take a look at our review of the Ultimate Edition here.

"We're delighted to have worked with 505 and Remedy on bringing this critically acclaimed classic to Stadia," said Red Kite Studio Director Simon Iwaniszak. "Having been developing games for cloud-based platforms since late 2018, it's been incredible to see first-hand the implementation of this technology in bringing the most accessible gaming experience to players across the world."


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