Control more "open-ended and "sandboxy" than Quantum Break

Remedy's Thomas Puha told us that the goal is to "give you reasons to play once the story is over" with their upcoming game.

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We've only just been given official confirmation of the August release date for Remedy's upcoming game Control, but during PAX East we got to chat with communications director Thomas Puha about the game, and more specifically the inspirations that have gone into it.

"There's a lot of different inspirations for Control, it kind of depends on who you ask in the team," he told us. "I mean, the early concept of how the game will look, like the brutalist art direction, that was thing that everybody kind of really latched on, so that was one."

The film Annihilation, starring Natalie Portman, was also an inspiration for the game. "So Sam Lake, who is writing the story for the rest of the team, and then Mik, Mikael Kasurinen, who's the game director - they both really liked that. So that resonated really, really well, as well as the concept of 'new weird', and that really was what everybody got into when we started talking about the game, so that was very much the origins of it."

"But then there's also gameplay aspirations, like we've wanted to get really far from how casual and straightforward Quantum Break was. You know, every game's like a reaction to a previous work, so in Control we want to make it a lot more open-ended, a lot more sandboxy, give you reasons to play once the story is over."

We also asked Puha about their approach to side missions, to which he said:

"Side missions are a big thing for Remedy because we haven't really done them before. I mean, we get that other games have done that, of course, but for us it's a big thing that there are main story missions and then there's other characters in the building that you learn more about as you do missions for them, so some of them are in the hub, some you will find as you explore, or you might not even find them if you don't explore."

For the full interview check down below. Can Control top Remedy's other games?


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