Contraband started development back in 2018

The Avalanche Studios developed title was unveiled at this year's E3.

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One of the brand new game announcements Microsoft had during their E3 stream in June was Contraband, developed by the Swedish studio Avalanche (Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage 2). While we didn't get to see anything but a pre-rendered trailer, it's a game about heists and fast cars, taking place in the 70's with both a singleplayer campaign and co-op.

As we didn't really get to see anything from the game, many thought it was early on in production and that it wouldn't be released for quite some time. But it might actually be released at least somewhat sooner, as Timur222 on Twitter has now discovered that the development started in some sense three years ago, and the pre-production might have started even earlier as animators usually aren't the first people involved. It is the Principal Animator Christophil Jude Silva that reveals on LinkedIn that he has been working on Contraband since 2018.

If everything has proceeded as planned, it could absolutely end up being launched next year as a four year development is quite common for AAA titles. Contraband will be released for PC and Xbox Series S/X, and is also included with Xbox Game Pass starting day 1.


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