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Contraband offers daring heists and a singleplayer campaign

Check out the announcement trailer here.

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One of the game that was announced during yesterday's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase was Contraband, developed by Swedish Avalanche Studios, most famous for the Just Cause series and Rage 2. Only a CGI trailer was shown from the game, but Windows Central has a couple of unconfirmed extra details to share.

According to them, Contraband is the title previously codenamed "Project Typhoon" and offers the typical explosive gameplay we're used to from this studio, which includes vehicles and cool gadgets, but it is also mixed up with elements from games like Sea of Thieves. This one is all about heists, smuggling and co-op.

Vehicles will be a big part of the game, carrying the contraband that is also in the title. The enemies won't be able to just blow you up as it means ruin the contraband. This means we should expect enemies to put up roadblocks and try to stop you in various other ways, while you and your gang must have a fool-proof plan and be agile with it when things go south.

Social hubs will be put up online so you easily can find others to help you with your heists. You won't have to play with others though if you don't want to, as Contraband also has a singleplayer campaign in which you will fight a "corrupt dynasty known as The Vong".

Contraband launches for PC and Xbox Series S/X in 2022, and will be included with Xbox Game Pass starting day 1. Something to look forward to for sure.


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