Rainbow Six: Siege

Continuum claim victory at the 6 Invitational

Elevate took home the Xbox crown.

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Gamereactor visited Montreal last week to attend the 6 Invitational, a tournament not only for the top Rainbow Six: Siege teams in the world, but also a celebration of a year of the game, with three seasons of the Pro League passing by in that time as well as a year's worth of content.

The tournament was in the biggest venue the esports scene for Siege has ever had, holding 500 people, and the action kicked off Friday and finished only yesterday, seeing six teams for PC, and six teams for console compete for the coveted trophy, including teams from South America, North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

The first day saw new teams like Envy, from Singapore, take the stage, but it was the usual suspects who came out on top, like Era, who won a closely fought battle against the Asian team. Santos Dexterity also did very well against Euronics Gaming, but the final was set up for Continuum and Era, bringing a lot of energy and a lot of action. Eventually, though, Continuum took the title.

In terms of Xbox, Elevate took on Team Vitality in the final, but the first map didn't go Vitality's way, losing it 5-0, a shocking result considering a lot of matches were pushed to 6-4. Elevate were too strong for Team Vitality throughout, and they won the title comfortably after that. Although it didn't quite go Vitality's way, the Xbox competition was just as thrilling as PC, and it was great to see consoles represented in the esports scene in this way.

The 6 Invitational bodes well to the future of Rainbow Six: Siege as an esport, as after three seasons of the Pro League ESL and Ubisoft can up the pace even more with the biggest tournament in the game's history, and the fact it was so global just added to the appeal. With another year of content, meaning more tactics to deploy, there's no reason this can't continue into 2017.

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL

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