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Consumer spending on mobile games reached $116 billion in 2021

That's around 68% of total App Store spending.

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A new report from App Annie (thanks, Eurogamer) has revealed a look into the colossal amount of money we, as a population, have spent on mobile games over 2021. According to the document, last year consumer spending on mobile games reached a behemoth $116 billion globally, which in itself accounted for approximately 68% of all mobile spending, as total App Store spending clocked in at $170 billion.

As a point of comparison and to show how much mobile spending has expanded over the past few years, the difference in mobile game spending in 2018 and 2021 is $42.22 billion (so around the same as five and half ZeniMax Medias, judging by the value that Microsoft purchased the company for).

As for what mobile games we're all spending our money on, the report shows that Roblox tops the charts, with Genshin Impact, Coin Master, Honour of Kings, and Candy Crush Saga making up the top five.

With this information in mind, you can see why Take-Two has made an agreement to dish out the big bucks to acquire Zynga, especially considering the company's massive portfolio of mobile titles.

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