Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror's Blade launching open beta test this weekend

Fans of the MMO can get involved for three days, with new features like a tutorial and new maps to get stuck into.

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My.com has revealed that MMO Conqueror's Blade will open its beta test to all registered players starting on February 15, moving from the closed beta phase it's currently in as the European and North American servers stay open until February 17.

This will only be a taste of the true open beta launch later this year, and those who have played the closed beta will know what to expect, as the servers will be open 24/7. There's a new tutorial to introduce fans to the gameplay though, from melee to siege combat, and then players can choose a home region to start their journey.

A dynamic campaign has also been included though, which means you'll have to secure resources and defeat other players and NPCs. When not fighting though players need to craft and develop new recruits, kitting them out with the best gear for battle.

Every other day players can take part in Territory Wars too, with attacking armies descending upon their targets as the defenders resist their invasion. With new maps too - both for PvP and PvE fans - there's no shortage of content this week for players to get stuck into.

To sign up for this beta, head on over to this link. Has this sorted your weekend plans?

Conqueror's Blade

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