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Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror's Blade getting 'Siege Test' tomorrow

Step into the MMO to taste the action.

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HQ and Booming Games have revealed that fans of MMO Conqueror's Blade can take part in a 'Siege Test' on European and North American servers starting tomorrow, meaning beta key and Founder Pack owners can get stuck in with 10 unique classes on offer.

This is designed to test the technical side of things, and we'll also have another 'Extended Siege Test' from November 2 to 4, where a more diverse range of scenarios will be available.

The game itself offers an experience around Medieval warlords, and in this test we'll get to see diplomacy and guild functionality in action, as well as other aspects like trade and economy. You can form alliances, craft armour, field troops, and conquer the world if you so choose.

To sign up for the beta head to the game's official website. Are you planning to get stuck in?

Conqueror's BladeConqueror's Blade

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