Confusion over whether Denuvo affects Rime's performance

Either way, it's apparently been cracked.

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It's all too common these days that a game is released, and within a few weeks there are reports of the DRM software protection (Denuvo) being cracked. This is the case with Tequila Works' Rime, it seems, as a report on Reddit claims this is the case with the game after five days.

What this also means is that, as promised on the Steam forums, the developers will now remove the Denuvo technology from the game. What's more is that the person who cracked the DRM, called Baldman, has stated on Reddit that its removal actually improves game performance. This seems to agree with a statement from lead producer Cody Bradley, which says:

"The only thing that Denuvo is currently doing for us is checking to make certain that Steam's (or Origin's) DRM is still attached to the game. There is a small performance hit associated with this, but at this time we do not believe it is causing the problems that are currently being reported. We might be wrong. We're monitoring the situation."

To complicate matters even further, though, a representative of Denuvo told Kotaku that "prior to release, we performed benchmark testing on the protected vs. unprotected versions of Rime. There was no performance impact on the version that is protected with Denuvo anti tamper vs. the unprotected version."

What do you make of this ongoing discussion?


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