Conflicting rumours regarding the release of the next Xbox

There are multiple claims in regard to what Xbox has planned next in a hardware sense.

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Thanks to the leaked documents from the FTC vs. Activision Blizzard trials last fall, we know that Microsoft has plans to launch a new Xbox in 2028. But this hasn't stopped insiders and leakers from running rampant, and there are now two rumours doing the rounds in media, one stating that Microsoft will launch their next console in 2026 - and another one that says it's coming later than 2028.

The first rumour comes from the insider Magg who claims to have some insight in what Microsoft is doing. When visiting the latest episode of Colteastwood's podcast, he said the next Xbox arrives in 2026, and that two SKUs will be available. One traditional and more powerful, and one being more like Switch with a dock connecting it to the TV while also doubling as a handheld unit. There have been some rumours lately about a portable Xbox, so this plays well into that.

The person claiming that the next Xbox has been delayed is Moore's Law is Dead, a self-proclaimed insider (which isn't always known to be accurate) who says that Microsoft is currently considering Intel processors for the next Xbox and is therefore late with the preparations for their upcoming console, as they don't have a deal set with AMD yet. As a result, he says PlayStation 6 will likely arrive before the next Xbox (which, as we said above, was planned to arrive in 2028), and thus the next Xbox would probably be released in 2029 at the very earliest.

We suggest you take both of these rumours with a generous heap of salt, but the first one about the 2026 release is probably somewhat more likely than the second scenario.

Conflicting rumours regarding the release of the next Xbox

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