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League of Legends

Confirmed: Dignitas transfers NACS spot to Apex Gaming

Dignitas are pulling out of North American League of Legends, as they sell their spot in the Challenger Series to Apex.

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After rumours and statements to the contrary, Team Dignitas has now officially confirmed that they're pulling out of professional League of Legends in North America.

The organization has sold their team spot in the NA Challenger Series to Apex Gaming. Dignitas' now-former midlaner Danny "Shiptur" Le and AD Carry Apollo "Apollo" Price are also joining the new Apex team.

The move marks an end of an era, as Dignitas has otherwise been a fixture of the NA League of Legends scene. They were among the first teams to be invited to the North American LCS league - the highest level of competition in the region - and they had been part of it ever since.

The 2016 Spring split proved extraordinarily difficult for the team, however, as they finished dead last in regular season play and lost in the relegation tournament to Team Dragon Knights. That loss meant the team would be playing in the Challenger Series for the Summer split rather than the LCS. And several of their players likely had clauses in their contracts that would release them from the team in case of relegation.

The move means that Dignitas will be completely out of League of Legends for a while. The organization also fielded a team in the European Challenger Series last year, but was forced to sell the team when they qualified for the EU LCS due to Riot Games' team ownership rules. That team has since been competing as Splyce.

According to the statement on the Team Dignitas website, the organization is looking to return to League of Legends "as soon as we can", but offers no specifics as to how.

In the meantime, Dignitas still fields teams in Counter-Strike, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, Hearthstone and FIFA.

League of Legends
Dignitas no more - the organization has sold their spot in the NACS to Apex Gaming. Apollo (center) and Shiptur join the new roster. // Photo: Riot Games

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