Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie gets free Holiday Brush Design Pack

Pixelopus thanks the fans for their response to the PS4-exclusive game, adding a gift for the holidays.

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Pixelopus released Concrete Genie earlier this year as a PS4-exclusive, but now creative director Dom Robilliard has announced that a surprise has just landed for fans - a Holiday Brush Design Pack, making the artwork a bit more festive, as you can see in the images below.

"When we were making Concrete Genie, we knew that there may have been risk involved in making something with such a personal message, and with uniquely creative gameplay at its heart," Robilliard writes. "It was such an overwhelming surprise to read all the great reviews and see such a wonderful heartfelt response from the PlayStation community. All of us here at Pixelopus are incredibly touched by the support, and particularly those who have reached out to say how much the themes in the game have moved them, or better still, helped them in some way. This was one of our greatest hopes when making the game."

"We have also been thrilled to hear from families and gamers of all ages who have been enjoying Concrete Genie together. We designed the game and its story to appeal to all ages but, in particular, we hoped that families could benefit from the universal themes and creative gameplay. This has been so rewarding to watch! We hope that many more families over the holiday period (and beyond) continue to enjoy everything that Concrete Genie has to offer. Please continue to help us spread the word about this game, and what it is about. It has made such a difference so far and we are really grateful for the help!"

You'll need patch 1.06 to get the free Brush Design Pack, and you can find that existing brushes either in existing or new games have been given a makeover to suit the holidays. All of these can also be turned off in the menu as well, if you want.

If you have yet to play Concrete Genie then you can check out our review right here.

Are you going to get festive with Concrete Genie?

Concrete Genie
Concrete Genie

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