Concord still expected to launch this year

We'll apparently hear more about the shooter very soon.

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Apart from a cinematic teaser trailer, we have seen very little of Concord. Coming from Firewalk Studio, it is apparently still planned for a release later this year, and Sony is asking us to hold onto our hats as more information could be coming very soon.

While these release windows are always subject to change, in Sony's recent financial report (thanks, Push Square) it was revealed that we're expecting to see the game some time this year. Apart from the fact it's a PvP live-service multiplayer shooter, not much is known about Concord's gameplay.

If we don't see something soon, we wouldn't be surprised to see it pushed back a year or maybe even more. Considering Sony made a smash hit with Helldivers II, though, it might want to strike while the iron is hot with another live-service game.


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