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Haunted Chocolatier

Concerned Ape updates status of Haunted Chocolatier and marks an approximate price

He also announces that the 1.5 mobile version of Stardew Valley is almost ready and will most likely be released this year.

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The Concerned Ape studio (which no longer consists only of the figure of Eric Barone, solo creator of Stardew Valley) has posted a new screenshot on Twitter about its next game, Haunted Chocolatier, and in passing has answered some questions from fan comments in the same post.

Specifically, there are three answers that are quite revealing. The first one revolves around where the title is now in development, to which Barone answers that it's taking him some time, as apart from some minor details (we assume sprites or object models) taken from Stardew Valley, the rest of the game is being built and designed from scratch, and right now it's "in the middle of the development routine". In fact, after posting the image a user commented that the perspective of the room was a bit strange, with which Barone agreed and immediately got to work to upload another corrected screenshot a few hours later. It is clear that Concerned Ape are very in tune with their fan base and that will be crucial for the development of the game.

About the relationship between the world of Stardew Valley and Haunted Chocolatier, Barone assures that he is not yet clear how many lore elements they have in common, but that they will clearly share something "It is not Stardew Valley 2, it is a game with its own identity... I am still not clear about the degree of connection between the two".

Another important fact that he advanced was the approximate release price of Haunted Chocolatier, that although he could not assure it 100%, he calculated that it will be "more or less the price of Stardew Valley, that is to say, less than €15 in its release version (physical copies are another matter).

Finally, Concerned Ape also reported that the 1.5 update for the mobile version of Stardew Valley (which users have been demanding for some time now) is progressing very well, and will almost certainly be released before the end of the year.

Haunted ChocolatierHaunted Chocolatier

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