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Silent Hill

Concept art from cancelled Silent Hill game revealed

It's unlikely it's Silent Hills, though.

Silent Hill art director Masahiro Ito has been involved with the series since the very first instalment back in 1999, and he has revealed via Twitter a new piece of concept art from a cancelled Silent Hill game.

The tweet reads: "The one of concept arts for new Silent Hill which I drew in 2013. The beginning of its story." Ito pointed out that he wasn't involved with the P.T. demo, however, so this would imply that this screenshot wasn't from Silent Hills, but from a different project instead.

Unfortunately the picture is too small to include here, but head over to Ito's Twitter for more, although we don't know what the screenshot is about, since he won't explain it for fear of spoiling some metaphors from the story.

Does this screenshot look like something promising, from what you can tell?

Silent Hill

Thanks, DualShockers.

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