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Complexity is partially exiting competitive Valorant

This comes after the esports organisation had its partnership application denied.

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Complexity has made the decision to partially exit competitive Valorant for the time being, following the organisation's partnership application being denied. As stated in a blog post, we're told that the team will only be stopping its men's efforts for the moment, as it has stated that it will continue to support Complexity.GX3 in the women's Game Changers series.

Speaking about the decision to pull out of the men's side of competitive play, Complexity has said:

"Thankfully, this goodbye is not necessarily permanent. This organization still has the utmost respect for VALORANT as a title and we are excited to watch the esports community continue to grow. Our hope is that in the future more opportunities will be opened to showcase the incredible depth of the North American talent pool in the highest level of competition."

The esports organisation has added as well that it hopes the members of its current team will be able to find opportunities and continue to find success in the competitive scene, even if Complexity won't be a part of it.

Photo: Complexity Gaming

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