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Pokémon Sword/Shield

Complex Pokémon Home process explained in new infograph

If you're after a little clarity about what Pokémon Home is all about, then this new fan-made explanation has you covered.

Nintendo recently outlined its upcoming Pokémon Home concept, although it seems as though some people thought that it wasn't explained well enough. Fortunately, two users from Reddit have stepped up to the plate and have made a handy new visual aid to help you better understand what it's all about.

Having said all that, we're not sure it makes things easier to understand if you're not already vaguely up to speed (the thread is even called: "Even More Complicated Pokemon Home Transfer Process"). Still, here's an infograph that shows you which games are supported, which games are going to be supported in the future, and what you can do with a regular and premium subscription of Pokémon Home.

Pokémon Sword/Shield

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