Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes gets its own Humble Bundle

And Clickteam Fusion Bundle offers up super cheap game dev tools.

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There's two currently ongoing Humble Bundles to tell you about this week. The first will appeal to RTS fans as Relic's Company of Heroes series has been bundled together. Check out the various buying options by hitting this link, but if you're not familiar with the series it's a squad-based RTS that splits its focus between the Eastern and Western fronts of World War 2.

Elsewhere on the pay-what-you-want bundle site there's a collection of game dev tools up for grabs for aspiring developers. The Clickteam Fusion Bundle offers up a bunch of programming tools and a selection of games that were made using them (including Concrete Jungle and Five Nights at Freddy's 3). If you're interested in making your own games then check it out.

Company of Heroes 2

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