Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 to launch on consoles in May

It'll feature a custom UI, full controller support, and other "special features".

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While console players have likely been raring for the opportunity to dive into Company of Heroes 3, fortunately the wait between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series edition of the game and the PC one that debuted in February isn't going to be too long, as Relic Entertainment has now revealed that the strategy title will be coming to consoles next month.

On May 30, fans on PS5 and Xbox Series will be able to check out the game, which will arrive with a custom UI, full controller support, and a collection of "special features" that are all designed to make the strategy title suit a controller.

This will of course be bolstered by the array of new mechanics and features that debuted with the PC edition, such as the Tactical Pause that allows you to stop the action while you plan ahead.

Relic and Sega has also announced that pre-orders for the console version will start on April 25, and that physical copy pre-order dates may vary depending on region.

Company of Heroes 3

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