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Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 to launch in November

Pre-orders are now open.

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As part of the latest Company of Heroes 3 information blowout, Sega and Relic Entertainment has revealed the exact date when the strategy game will land on PC later this year.

Set to be November 17, 2022, Company of Heroes 3 will be launching exclusively on PC, and will include four playable factions, as well as two unique single player campaigns to explore.

On the topic of single player campaigns, we've recently had the chance to check out some of the North African Operation, as part of a hands-on preview of the game. Be sure to catch our thoughts on it right here.

Otherwise, it has been noted that pre-orders for Company of Heroes 3 has now opened, and that as of right now and up until July 19, the Mission Alpha is free for all players on Steam to download and check out.

Company of Heroes 3

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