Company of Heroes 3

Company of Heroes 3 is coming to consoles in 2023

PS5 and Xbox Series players can get in on the action at some point in the year, following the PC launch in February.

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It was just a few weeks back that a rating revealed that Sega and Relic Entertainment were looking into bringing Company of Heroes 3 to consoles at some point. The rating didn't do much other than acknowledge the existence of the game on a platform other than PC, but now, as part of The Game Awards, it has been confirmed that the strategy game will be landing on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles sometime in 2023.

And we say sometime because all that we know is that the console release will be coming at a later date in 2023, following the PC launch in February.

As for how the game will be optimised for consoles, a press release has stated that the game has been rebuilt from the ground-up for the platforms, and that there will be a newly designed controller scheme, user interface revamp, and more, all so that the game fits a mouse and keyboard-less style of play.

While we await an exact PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series release date, you can at least take a look at some console gameplay, in the new trailer below.

Company of Heroes 3

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