Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 enters open beta

Multiplayer for Relic's sequel now available to download.

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The multiplayer mode for Relic's RTS sequel, Company of Heroes 2, is available to download, and will run in beta until June 18. It's the last chance you'll have to play the game before it launches properly on June 25.

There'll be six different maps available to sample, and the first 45 levels of the game's progression system will be there for testing. Those who try the beta and purchase it within six months of playing will see their progress carry over.

Producer Greg Wilson said: "We have been working hard since the Closed Beta balancing and improving all areas of the game as well as adding new matchmaking servers. COH2 has had one of the most successful Beta programs we've ever run at Relic and the support of the fans has been a critical factor in making the game more balanced and stable for launch."

Company of Heroes 2

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