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Fallout 76

Community uncovers hidden Fallout 76 changes

The patch on December 4 tweaked more than we thought.

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Fallout 76 is a game on everyone's lips right now, as there is plenty of controversy to keep people talking, but on top of that we've also had a few updates, including one on December 4 that - among other things - raised the limit in the player stash from 400 to 600 following player feedback, as explained by Bethesda's Inside the Vault post.

But that's not the end of it, as Destructoid has reported on a post on Reddit from user _Robbie indicating there may have been more changes than originally detailed by Bethesda, all of which have to do with balance.

These so-called stealth changes include the fact that workshops producing fusion cores have had their rates reduced from 10 cores an hour to just one, with workshops producing ammo reduced from 400 to 200 in terms of production cap. Extractors now produce ore instead of scrap too, meaning you need more to produce scrap necessary to use, except for lead.

Fusion cores now drain quicker as well, although without patch notes it's hard to say exactly how much it has changed, and enemy spawns have been dramatically altered. Before they used to spawn when players entered the area, even if other players were already present, but now they only spawn if no player is immediately near their spawn point.

In terms of exploits, the grenade, search, and cap stash exploits are now gone, as well as a server hopping one, so you can no longer jump servers to get items that aren't in your own. A carry weight bug has also been added unintentionally, meaning that the weight is mistakenly increased by gear, so you need to unequip, log out, and re-equip.

That's a lot to take in, and these changes increase the grind of the game dramatically. For more on these check out the patch notes shared on Reddit, but before you head off into Appalachia to see the changes though, there are other tweaks that have been speculated but not confirmed too, as have also been collected by _Robbie and shared.

One claim is that the Flux - a late-game item of high value - decays much quicker if looted from nuked areas, with an alleged reduction from an hour to between five and 10 minutes. Then there are claims that drop rates are reduced, including legendary enemy spawns (and reduced chance of them dropping legendaries when they do appear), plans at events, plans, and mod loot.

Apparently characters over level 50 are now doing less damage in both PvP and PvE as well - with a speculated reason being to prevent griefing - although super mutants and ghouls might not have increased health now. Enemies may also attack within a certain radius and automatically heal if they or the player leave that area too, and some players think stealth has been nerfed too, although perhaps unintentionally as a result of another bug. Another player over level 50 also claims melee damage has been reduced at higher levels.

Even that's not all though, as _Robbie also points out that there's a bug causing CTD (crashes to desktop), and stability is apparently worse, although the latter claim is unconfirmed.

With so much being discovered and rumoured by the community, we assume these lists will grow and change, especially with another update on December 11 and then December 18 too (details of which can be found here). There have already been calls online for Bethesda to be more transparent with their patch notes, especially since some of this information is easily verifiable in-game and has been brought to light by the community.

What do you make of the changes, both speculated and confirmed?

Fallout 76

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