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Commander Keen

Commander Keen reboot seems to have been cancelled

The mobile reboot of Commander Keen seems to have been cancelled as close-to all traces of the game disappear from social media.

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Commander Keen was a hit platforming series back in the early '90s. It follows the titular character across the galaxy to save planet Earth, with tongue-in-cheek equipment like a homemade spaceship, rayguns, and a pogo stick. Weirdly though, Bethesda was trying to revive this franchise by making a PvP mobile game featuring Keen's twin children and card-based gameplay, a huge departure from the original.

That weird approach resonated through the download count of the game's soft-launch version on Google Play, which only has 1000+ installs to date (and below 5000 according to PocketGamer). Now it seems that the game has been scrapped entirely. As noticed by Twitter user @Nitomatta, it seems like ZeniMax Online Studios has deleted "almost every single trace" of the game on social media.

Commander Keen

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