Comedic genius Norm Macdonald has died

The SNL legend was 61 years old.

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Most people will probably agree that Norm Macdonald is one of the funniest people ever to grace the classic show Saturday Night Live, doing razor-sharp imitations and being a superb anchor in the satire news segment Weekend Update. He also did writing, stand-up, and acting, always being bold and surprising.

Unfortunately, it is now time to thank Macdonald for all the laughs as he has now passed away after suffering from cancer for years. We think this short clip of Macdonald explaining why not all Olympic sports are equal is how we'd like to remember this legend, and we fully agrees with Jon Stewart, who tweeted:

"No one could make you break like Norm Macdonald. Hilarious and unique. Fuck cancer."

Comedic genius Norm Macdonald has died

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