War Thunder

Combat helicopters join War Thunder with update 1.81

Cold War and Korea era helicopters arrive with "The Valkyries" update.

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Gaijin Entertainment's War Thunder has offered a great mix of combat from planes, tanks, and ships, but starting with update 1.81 testing of combat helicopters will introduce a new twist to the battlefield. The first helicopters will be American and Soviet ones, with more to follow... you can pick up premium packs featuring the helicopters now. To begin with, helicopters will join the fray in the combined arms mode, but there are also plans to add helicopter only modes.



War ThunderWar ThunderWar Thunder


War ThunderWar Thunder


War ThunderWar ThunderWar Thunder


War ThunderWar ThunderWar Thunder

We had a chat with Gaijin Entertainment's Kirill Yudintsev about the addition of helicopters during Gamescom last week and you can check out the interview below:

War Thunder
Artwork featuring UH-1C.

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