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Coloured DualSense controllers sport enhanced triggers

The newer PS5 game pads have been taken apart to unveil what suggests better durability.

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The newer, coloured DualSense controllers started shipping last month together with the coloured cases for the PlayStation 5 consoles themselves. When Sony unveiled them, they talked about style and customisation, but not about improving their innards.

And that is precisely what has been found, though not for all the new colours. YouTube channel TronicsFix has dismantled the Starlight Blue, Nova Pink, and Galactic Purple models to unveil different new components, whereas Cosmic Red and Midnight Black equip the very same parts as the black and white original.

And those new components don't have to do with battery life, but apparently with the life of the controller itself. According to the source, there's a new type of spring supporting L2 and R2 triggers, one that seems longer and sturdier. These springs were one of the faultier parts within the first models, as they have to deal with the controller's adaptive feedback.

The DualSense's main board seems different as well with the coloured models, but there's no indication suggesting it could aim to fix the cases of drifting many users have suffered.

Only time will tell if these new parts improve the controllers' durability. It'll be interesting to see if or when they are added to the white, red, and black models.

Did you have any issue with your DualSense so far?

Coloured DualSense controllers sport enhanced triggers

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