Cities: Skylines II

Colossal Order promises performance improvements for Cities: Skylines II

But affirms that 30 FPS is still the target to run the game.

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Right before launch, Colossal Order warned its fans that Cities: Skylines II would have a few performance issues, and that the game is targeted to run at 30 FPS. Needless to say, a lot of PC players have discovered issues with how the title operates, and now the developer has announced its plans for tackling the performance problems.

In a post-release plans and goals blog post, Colossal Order notes that in the future it intends to improve issues tied to certain hardware setups, as well as removing stutters caused by synchronisation issues in the simulation. There will also be further optimisation and GPU balance improvements made, and there are plans to push CPU optimisations that are not already completed as part of the process.

Colossal Order intends to expand its upscaling options too, with plans to support AMD's FSR2 and Nvidia's DLSS2, once the game has the technology in place to support the Temporal Anti-Aliasing system that both upscalers use.

While there are a batch of improvements coming to the game, the developer does affirm that 30 FPS is the target frame rate still, as "there is no real benefit in a city builder to aim for higher FPS as a growing city will inevitably become CPU bound."

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Cities: Skylines II

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