ColorWare gives Apple Pencil a retro redesign

Head back to school with this interesting alternative design.

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ColorWare is known for putting unique alternative designs and styles on a variety of existing technological products, and that is precisely what we've seen once again from the company and this time for the Apple Pencil.

Known as the Apple Number 2 Pencil, this alternative look for the gadget gives it an appearance that resembles an actual pencil. It's very reminiscent of the sort of stationery you likely used at school, and is no doubt a fantastic way to showcase your commitment to education.

ColorWare notes that this version of the Pencil comes with a matte and gloss finish, is based on the 2nd Generation Pencil gadget, and is only available for a limited time, so best snap one up quickly if it takes your fancy.

This Pencil is said to cost $215 and will ship as soon as mid-March.

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ColorWare gives Apple Pencil a retro redesign

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