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Alien: Isolation

Cold Iron Studios working on a new Alien game

FoxNet Games will be publishing the shooter.

Although we haven't had the best of luck with games based on the Alien franchise, with titles like Colonial Marines falling short of expectations, others like Alien: Isolation have shown the potential the series has in the world of gaming, and now we know that another game in the same universe is in development.

As reported by, Fox has recently acquired Cold Iron Studios, who are working on this new Alien title. What's more is that FoxNet Games will be publishing the game, which will be a new shooter.

"Fox properties have, in our history, made some great console games too - just look at Simpsons: Hit and Run, or Alien: Isolation," FoxNext Games president Aaron Loeb said. "When you pair a great team that is deeply passionate about the brand with the creators of that brand, you unlock the greatest possibilities."

Cold Iron CEO Craig Zinkievich added: "We're all excited to be working on such a storied franchise. To explore areas of the universe that fans haven't gotten to experience, to put a game in that setting, is incredible. Having the full force of the world-class creatives, producers and business team at Fox behind the project allows us to take our plans to the next level."

The studio was formed back in 2015 by ex-Cryptic Studios developers, who had worked on games like Star Trek Online in the past, and has since recruited talent that has worked on titles like Borderlands, Doom, and BioShock Infinite. As for this new game though, more details will be shared in the future.

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