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The Forest Song

Colabee recreates Ukrainian forest drama in The Forest Song

New studio founded by the art and creative directors of Never Alone wants to explore more cultural treasures.

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Colabee Studios, founded by some of the key talent behind Never Alone, is a new outfit focused on the same principle of drawing from local culture. The Forest Song is an adventure set to the backdrop of a massive forest in the Western part of Ukraine. We talked to creative director Dima Veryovka about the project that was just recently announced.

"It's a story about people from the Polesia region," says Veryovka. "Probably not that many people heard about this region, but that's one of the biggest forests on the European continent. And that's actually the place where one of the biggest disasters happened - Chernobyl."


There is also a "behind the scenes" trailer that provides some further background into the source material.


The Forest Song is still very early in development, Veryovka estimates it may take two more years to complete the project and no platforms have been announced at this point in time.

The Forest Song

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