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Co-founder Dino Patti leaves Inside developer Playdead

After ten years with Limbo and Inside Dino Patti seeks new challenges.

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Fresh from the release of adventure game Inside, one of the key developers, Dino Patti, has decided to leave Playdead. Patti was one of the founders of the Danish studio back in 2006 (along with Arnt Jensen) and he was instrumental in the development of both Limbo and Inside.

His reason for moving on is the quest for new and exiting challenges:

"Following almost 10 incredible years building Playdead from an idea to two dents in the games industry, I'm leaving to seek new challenges," Patti wrote on Twitter.

We wish him the best of luck, and should he stay in the video game industry we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next. May future games from both Patti and Playdead be as beautiful and intriguing as Limbo and Inside.

Inside was met with high praise upon release late last month.

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